I'm Josh damnit! Hi! I'm a writer and I write. I live in Seattle, walk like a hardened New Yorker and drive like a vision from hell. My memoir about blackjack is called Repeat Until Rich and was published by Penguin Press in the US, Ebury in the UK, and got excerpted in the New York Times Online and was recognized alongside work by Jennifer Egan and David Shields as a Best Book of 2010 by The Nervous Breakdown. I've been an occasional The Moth storytelling person and a The Moth host and a talker/ranter on stages in New York, Seattle, Ann Arbor, &c. I've been interviewed on Bloomberg Television more times than makes any sense. (OK! Once!) As a card counter I eked out a nutty living beating monstrous casino people. BAD CASINO PEOPLE. BAD. (They make up like 90 percent of the visitors to this website.) I won $700,000 a million bucks at the tables—true fact—over enough years that no one involved got rich from her piece of the action.

josh [at] axelrad.net