Josh Axelrad is a writer and performer inhabiting the Seattle woods with his daughter and partner/fiancee. His memoir, Repeat Until Rich (Penguin Press), was excerpted in The New York Times and recognized alongside work by Jennifer Egan and David Shields as a Best Book of 2010 by The Nervous Breakdown. Josh performs monologues and stories in front of anyone who gives him five bucks, has hosted The Moth StorySLAM and been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, and has appeared on stage at the Players Club in NYC, Seattle's Neptune Theater, the Royce Auditorium in Grand Rapids, the Power Center in Ann Arbor, and many other venues. He's sometimes characterized as a former advantage gambler or a retired professional card counter but he's retired only in the sense of having to do other things now to get money. To the casino people stalking him online he says: REPENT. You louts are singlehandedly refuting otherwise workable precepts of the neoliberal order. Josh was born in California and is ambivalently a patrilineal Jew, practices meditation but remains troubled. He was raised partly in rural Kansas.

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